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We pride ourselves in offering a remarkable experience to not only consumers & retailers, but also to our hard working employees.

On a daily basis, we help to keep sales in the hands of the retailer, while giving families the ability to purchase what they need today.

With an increasing demand from retailers for a financing alternative, our company is able to provide employees with a chance to thrive in a positive & fast paced environment.

Our mission is to provide the best sales generating resource for our retailers and an additional option to purchase necessary home furnishings for consumers.

Stephen M. - Customer

Larry H.- Store Owner

"It is such a great program, and it was such an easy process!...I had no problems at all with any aspect and I will let others know this is the program to use!"

"We submitted 14 applications the first week. This was nearly $20,000 in sales in ONE week! All of this happened with no advertising, just simply asking people in the store."



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